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Perrin FMIC Kits 08+ WRX and STI

As your turbo compresses air, creating boost and power it also creates heat. Heated air is less dense, lacking oxygen to make higher horsepower. Hot air also increases detonation which forces your ECU to retard timing. Front mount intercoolers can reduce reduce the intake air charge temperatures by hundreds of degrees.

The PERRIN front mount intercooler with it's large core, cast endtanks, high velocity tubing and proper mounting supports, is simply the best choice for your car. PERRIN intercoolers support more than 1000 horse power have less than 1/4 psi drop across the core at 20 psi, improving throttle response and putting full boost to the combustion chamber!

The most important part of any intercooler system is the core. The core cools the charge air on the way to the engine. The factory Subaru tube and fin intercooler was designed to be easy to manufacture, but is not good for performance. We feel the optimum core design is the 3/8” bar and plate style that gives has a 3/8” charge air and ambient air path, instead of the common 1/4” size.

The PERRIN bar and plate core design is much more durable than tube and fin with the ability to withstand rocks and other debris, which is important when mounted on the front of a car.

The PERRIN intercooler core is 28” long x 9.25” tall x 3.5” deep with a volume of 906.5 cu-in. Giving the PERRIN intercooler the best overall design for cooling and pressure drop, and it fills the opening of the WRX/STI bumper perfectly!

The PERRIN Performance designed endtanks control the near perfect dispersal of hot air across the intercooler core. With no 90 degree corners and a smoother, gradual taper from top to bottom. Each endtank has an innovative mounting bracket built in that solidly mounts the intercooler to the bumper beam. Our Intercooler support beam is constructed from steel and powder coated black. In contrast to our competitors who use aluminum bumper beams, we feel that safety is more important then weight.

PERRIN Performance is one of the only intercooler manufactures who pressure tests every intercooler. We pressurize every intercooler to 20 psi. on our specially designed jig. Even the slightest leak can cause your vehicle to loose power, literally bleeding turbo boost pressure out the intercooler.

The PERRIN front mount intercooler kit only adds albs of weight! If you take all the factory pieces you remove and compare them to the PERRIN parts you are installing, you will find you only added 9lbs!

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