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Perrin Short Shifter 5-spd w/ Bushings

Shortens throw of your shifter with our being a "Shorter Shifter"
Adjustable throw from 10% to 50%, or more (first ones to do it)
Includes our Upgraded Poly Shifter Bushings
Quickest install time of any 5spd short shifter
Least expensive WRX Short Shifter option on the market!
Makes shifts feel solid and positive
Retains OEM vibration dampener
Constructed of 6061T6 Aluminum

PERRIN Performance WRX Short Shifter Adapter uses a unique way of shortening your shifters throws with out just cutting down the length of the shift rod. The WRX Short shifter was the 2nd part PERRIN performance made (back in 2001) and it was the first adjustable throw shifter ever offered for a WRX. This WRX Short shifter paved the road for all our other adjustable short shifters we have made over the years.

This unique way of using the OEM shifter in conjunction with our adapter allows for a 0%-50% reduction in throw of the shifter. All this is can be done in seconds with a single wrench. (Crazy people can go beyond 50% with some modifications).

Installation of our shifter is the quickest around! Pop off the knob/boot, undo a nut and bolt, pop out bushings, install PERRIN WRX Adapter with bushings, tighten up, and reinstall boot/knob done! In roughly 10min of work anyone with a basic tool kit can install the WRX adapter. No need to deal with grease, or snap ring pliers which most people are not going to have!

Included with every PERRIN Short Throw Shifter Adapter are our Shifter Bushings. The Polyurethane Shifter Bushings replace the soft rubber bushings that keep the short shifter connected to the transmission and chassis. These soft bushings are the cause of the "spongy-ness" feel in your stock shifter. Our upgraded stiffer polyurethane bushings eliminate this "squishy-ness" and make your shifts even more positive. Check out the Video of both OEM and PERRIN shifter bushings at work!

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